Wedding Invitation Ideas

8 Unusual Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitations can set the tone for your wedding.  More and more brides want to  make an impact with something a little different and unusual.  Something that fits the personality of the couple, fits in with a theme or compliments the wedding.  With so many companies now offering quick services on printing, the scope of what you can do has got even bigger.

Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking.

The Balloon

Send a balloon in your invitation.  When the balloon is blown up, the details of the wedding appear.  You could simply send the balloon on its own or attach it to a card with a message, such as “blow me up”.  Personalised balloons are available from or or search for more.


wedding-invitationWhy not design a caricature of the bride and groom and use this over the range of your wedding stationery.   The design could be used in some of the personalised wedding invitation ideas on this page.  You can find online services which work from photographs or use a local organisation –

Message in a Bottle

Ideal for a beach wedding or something informal.  Roll up your invitation into a scroll and put it into a bottle.  This is a great way to recycle your old bottles – start collecting now if this idea appeals to you.  You can even have your name printed on to coke bottles! Remember to package your glass bottles VERY well if sending them out through the post.

wedding invitation bottlePersonalised Anything

How about sending your unique wedding invitation as a tea towel, mug or key-ring?  You can usually include photographs (of the happy couple) as well as text and hand drawn pictures.  Here are just a couple of websites, but you will find many more if you search – or

Make your own Poster

Make something eye catching like a film advertisement with the happy couple in the starring role.   OR make a collage of photos showing your big moments together ending with you both holding up a sign saying you are getting married!  OR if you are artistic, make up a cartoon of the proposal and wedding plans.


Make your personalised wedding invitation into a jigsaw for your guest to make up.

Fridge Magnet

Why not sent a fridge magnet your with your invitations so your guests will always be aware of the date?  You could try to source these from a promotional gift company such as

Shave the Date

Not really an invitation yet, but an unusual idea nevertheless.  Carve the date into the groom’s hair (or brides!) and take a photo. Send it out with the message “Shave the Date”.  Upload your image on to the card using a service such as


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