Unique Wedding Gifts and Lists

Unique wedding giftsHow do you manage unique wedding gifts that you want or need whilst avoiding offending anyone?

Weddings are fraught with traps for you to fall down!  You are always stuck between what you want and what others want, never wanting to offend anyone.  When it comes to wedding gifts, this is no exception.

Traditionally, you got what your were given and were happy about it.  In the past, the range of what was available and the budgets of your guests were limited.  Practical gifts like towels, crockery and toasters were the norm.  You were setting up home for the first time and needed all of those things.

Nowadays, many brides and grooms have set up a home either together or separately.  Maybe you feel you don’t need anything or that you have been together so long, it feels strange accepting a gift.

What is true – most guests will want to buy you a unique wedding gift but they will not want to waste their money on something you don’t want or like.  Everyone has different tastes and it is not easy to choose a gift when you are a guest.  Do you need it?  Will you like it?  Will you use it?

But there will always be some guests who have the traditional approach – “you’ll take what you are given and be grateful”.  How do you avoid offending them?

The Wedding Gift List

Enter the Gift List.  The ideal solution to putting together a range of gifts that you like, want and need.

Lots of brides and grooms feel awkward about a gift list – isn’t it a bit presumptuous?

Absolutely Not!

People want to give you a gift but they also want to get the RIGHT gift.

You can now put together lists via department stores or online stores such as Amazon.  The stores give you all the information to put your wedding list together and tell your guests. Put it together wisely with a full range of prices and products.  It is easy for you and your guests.

Alternative Unique Wedding Gift Lists

There are some alternatives to a prescriptive list in a shop.  Here are a few ideas to get you going, along with my comments.

1. Ask for donations to a particular charity – not popular unless the charity is something connected with you, such as an illness you have.  Many guests will still want to buy you a gift.  Best to put it as an option on your gift list.

2.  Have a “rough list” that you can tell people about if they ask – this is not very co-ordinated and you could end up with “doubles”.

3. Ask for money – this is the norm in some societies and is becoming more popular.  Most guests in Scotland would feel uncomfortable about this – you could ask for vouchers from a specific shop instead.

4.  Ask for “experiences” – my friends did this and ended up with about 2 years worth of holidays.  For example, they stayed with us for a few days in a villa we rented for our main holiday.  We paid for their flights and they stayed for a long weekend – lots of fun was had by all.

But we have everything

unique wedding gift teasetIf you have already set up your home, you might not know what to put on a list.  You are very lucky indeed!  But do you have everything?

When I got married, we had 2 households coming together.  Some of our “stuff” was second hand to begin with and some was getting a bit old.  It was my husband who pointed out that neither of us had a decent pot or pan between us.  So that went on the list!  We also decided we’d like some really nice crystal glasses – so they went on the list.  We were able to update some of our old things for new ones.

Have a good look around and you are bound to find something that needs to be replaced.  Failing that, something you have always wanted but could not justify the expense of – be it crystal glasses, a dinner service or tableware.

I don’t want to put the list in with the Invitations

A great way to tell your guests about the list is to put it in the invitations.  But many feel this might cause offense.  So don’t put it in, but tell your guests about it when they ask.

Those that want to make a good choice for you will ask you or your Mum if there is a list and if not, what they should buy.  Those from the “get what you are given” camp will not!  You will keep both groups happy.  And with the email / Facebook etc, you can easily spread the word about where the list actually is.


Whatever you decide to do, bear in mind that your guests want to buy you a unique wedding gift that you will like.  So make it easy for them.





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