Cheap Wedding Ideas

4 Ideas to Help You Save and One “Must Have”

Many couples would love a lavish, traditional wedding but don’t want the big price tag ….. nor do they want a cheap wedding! Here are some ideas for reducing the costs of your wedding. Continue reading

“Buy a wedding dress” Guide

Buying your perfect wedding dress can often be a stressful and confusing task. The bridal gown is such an important part of your Big Day and all brides want to look and feel great. The “Buy a Wedding Dress” Guide is a 9-point plan designed to help you buy the wedding gown to do just that!  Continue reading

A Small Wedding

What happens if you want a small wedding but have a big family and lots of friends?  Maybe you HATE being the centre of attention or just want something more intimate.

The pressure is on to have a big wedding, with invitations to distant Aunts, cousins you never see and your Mum’s best friend from Primary School. How do you keep yourself and everyone else happy? Continue reading

What will be your First Dance song?

What will your first dance song be? You’ve booked the important things – venue, celebrant and band. Phew! Now it’s time to fill in the details! Somewhere on the list is deciding what the First Dance will be. Continue reading

3 Top Tips for the Wedding Speech

Having to give a wedding speech often results in panic, sleepless nights and cold sweats.the wedding speech

It all sounded great when you popped the question / found out your daughter was getting married / agreed to be Best Man.  But then you thought about it and realised there was going to be a speech!  Yikes!

Luckily, help is at hand and often in the unlikeliest of places.  As an accomplished public speaker, my 3 top tips are: Continue reading