Summer Wedding Flowers

summer wedding flowers bouquet

It’s the 21st of June, officially the first day of Summer! You have a myriad of choice for your Summer wedding bouquet. Choose just about any colour, shape or personality. Will it be vibrant, bright colours or pastel shades? Pinks and purples or yellows and blues? Simple, hand tied or elaborate glamour?With so much choice, how do you choose?

You are so lucky to have such a good range of in-season, locally grown options. Think of the theme you would like then go shopping for the flowers that fit that theme. And the better news is that if you buy local, in-season flowers, your budget will go even further! Here are a few ideas but the list is endless:

  • Primary Colours – stick to true colours – red, blue or yellow
  • Pastel pinks, purples and creams
  • Big and bold with lupins, hydrangea or sunflowers
  • Understated and simple with a hand tied bouquet of lavender or freshly picked sweet peas
  • Increase the volume with cornflowers or gerberas
  • Go romantic with deep, red roses
  • Or just have a wedding bouquet full of Summer blooms!

summer wedding flowers mixed bouquet

Don’t know your flowers? Don’t worry! Here is a list and brief explanation of the common flowers you can use in your Summer wedding bouquet.


summer wedding flowers peonies
Delicate, versatile and everywhere. They come in a full range of colours, mostly pastel shades. Use them in the bridal bouquet or on your table decorations.

Sweet peas

Summer wedding flowers sweet peaThese delicate flowers are so feminine. You will also find them in a large range of colours.


summer wedding flowers roses

A traditional flower with versatility and probably the biggest range of colours (although the unusual ones can be expensive).

Calla lily

summer wedding flowers calla lily


The beautiful shape of the calla lily adds interest to your bouquet. They also come in many colours.


summer wedding flowers Hydrangea
These have large heads and can add volume to your bouquet. They are great for table or chair decorations. They also come in a huge range of colours.


summer wedding flowers lavender


Add fragrance with a bit of lavender.

Delphinium, Lupins and Foxglove

These are all long and blooming! They can be used in a bouquet to add shape but also make a bold statement when used as decoration, a few go a long way.

summer wedding flowers delphiniumsummer wedding flowers lupinssummer wedding flowers foxglove


summer wedding flowers Agapanthus


They come in blue or white and are delicate and feminine.


summer wedding flowers cornfower


If you are looking for a rich, bright blue then this is the one you need.


summer wedding flowers gerberas

These remind me of daisies with their lovely little thin petals. They are great if you want something bright and vibrant – bright pink, orange or red.


summer wedding flowers daisies


And the white version ….. just so simple, beautiful and ideal for a Summer wedding bouquet.



Why not go bold and yellow? Good for the table and gorgeous in a hand tied, informal bouquet.



So what’s your next step? Now you know what is available, choose a theme and go visit the florists!


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