Wedding Dress Styles – Which Neckline?

There are many wedding dress styles to choose from and the neckline is one very important aspect.  Get it wrong and the dress will not flatter.  Get it right and you will will show off your gorgeousness (is that a word?)

Below are some examples of necklines. Continue reading

How does wedding dress sizing work?

If you think there seems to be no logic behind wedding dress sizing then you would be wedding dress sizingright.  There isn’t!

Well, there is a bit.  There is a common theme that your wedding dress size is much bigger than your size for other clothes.  This does your confidence no good when you are a size 18 and the woman in the bridal shop tells you she’s ordering your wedding dress in a size 24!

So what’s it all about?  Why are wedding dresses made smaller than other clothes?  And what size should you buy? The truth of the matter is that there are no standard guidelines for dress sizes.  Clothing shops therefore make up what they want.  Often, to flatter us, they make “big” Size 16′s so you feel better about buying a 16 than an 18 (come on, girls, we’ve all fallen for this one).  Continue reading

How to Lace Up a Wedding Dress

Attention all Mothers of Brides and Bridesmaids.  Do you know how to lace up a wedding dress?

If the bride you are attending has a corset style, lace up wedding dress, it is important you know how to lace it up! So pay attention to this movie showing you how to do it.  Preferably BEFORE the wedding! Continue reading

Pictures of Wedding Dresses of Different Fabrics

On this page you will find pictures of wedding dresses made with the main fabrics used in wedding dresses.

I’m often asked “what are wedding dresses made of?”  Of course, the obvious answer is “sugar and spice and all things nice” – oh, that’s the bride!  The dress can be made of many different fabrics, the main ones being satin, organza, taffeta, chiffon and tulle.  In addition to the fabric, you will find embellishments such as lace, sequins, embroidery and beads. Continue reading

Should I buy a Long Sleeve Wedding Dress?

Many plus size brides feel they would prefer a long sleeve wedding dress to the more long sleeve wedding dressfashionable strapless dresses.  “To hide or not to hide” that is the question. Having seen many brides-to-be, I would say that on the whole they all look gorgeous and have nothing to hide.  So go ahead and bare all! Continue reading

What’s at Beau Belles Plus Size Bridal Shop

I decided to make this wee video about our plus size bridal shop in Scotland just to let you know what to expect when you arrive.

We offer a discrete, appointment only service so you have exclusive use of the shop. Continue reading

A Small Wedding

What happens if you want a small wedding but have a big family and lots of friends?  Maybe you HATE being the centre of attention or just want something more intimate.

The pressure is on to have a big wedding, with invitations to distant Aunts, cousins you never see and your Mum’s best friend from Primary School. How do you keep yourself and everyone else happy? Continue reading

Create your own wedding dress

Wouldn’t it be great to create your own wedding dress, knowing as you walk down the aisle it is truly unique and made just for you?

The idea appeals to many brides but only a very few of us have the vision or are willing to take that risk.

plus size wedding dress shop beau bellesIt is far less risky if you can try a wedding dress on which is similar to your own design so that you can get a good idea of what you will look like in the dress first.

This is a really important step.  A bride may like a particular style but that style may not flatter them.  Continue reading

What will be your First Dance song?

What will your first dance song be? You’ve booked the important things – venue, celebrant and band. Phew! Now it’s time to fill in the details! Somewhere on the list is deciding what the First Dance will be. Continue reading

Affordable Custom Wedding Dress Made Just for YOU

Imagine walking down the aisle in a beautiful custom wedding dress fitted and designed by you.

Now there are affordable solutions which require little or no creativity to let you do just that. Continue reading