Funny Wedding Vows

Do Funny Wedding Vows Work?

Can you really have funny wedding vows at your ceremony?  With more and more people writing their own vows, it is inevitable that the more laid back of us wish to lighten the mood with humour.  But is a wedding ceremony the best time to employ humour?

Wedding vows are meant to be solemn – you are making a promise before witnesses that you will love your new husband or wife forever.  It is a serious promise not to be taken lightly.  If you wish to add humour, therefore, it must be done very carefully in order to keep the significant nature of the promise intact.  The key word should be balance.

Consider first why you wish your wedding vows to be funny?  Is it an acknowledgement that you like to make each other laugh, do you want to break up the seriousness with humour or perhaps you use humour as a way to cope with nerves.

Acknowledge your humour

You can easily acknowledge that you want to make each other laugh as you go through life together in a humorous  or serious way.

Serious:  I promise to be there for you in times of laughter and tears.

Humorous:  I promise to laugh with you – and only sometimes at you.

Tolerate your Partner’s misgivings

Insert one or two things into your funny wedding vows about your partner’s personality or habits that you will tolerate which could be amusing.

Here are some examples:

I promise to allow you to go fishing at least once a month

I promise not to roll my eyes when you talk about train-spotting

I will pretend to be concerned when your football team loses and delighted when it wins

Only include the ones which the majority of your guests will understand.  Do not make these about mundane topics which could easily lead to a row before the wedding even gets started.  You know the ones about picking up dirty socks or putting the toilet seat down without complaint – do you really want your vows to be about that?

Deal with your own amusing habits and personality traits

Insert one or two of your own habits which you will try to mitigate.

Here are some examples:

I will limit the pairs of shoes I buy to 1 per month

I will only rarely ask you to go to the garage at 3am to buy me emergency chocolate

I will love you even when your football team loses

Play on the Traditional Words

Insert something comical instead of traditional vows:

… To have and to hold from this day forth,for better or worse, for richer or poorer (even when you have had a particularly extravagant shopping trip making us even poorer) in sickness and in health …..

… To have and to hold from this day forth,for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, When X football team are losing or when X football team are winning …. to love and to cherish ….

Remember it is all about balance if you want to have funny wedding vows but also want to avoid turning a solemn occasion into a farce.

Here are some funny wedding vows on Youtube.

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