Cheap Wedding Ideas

4 Ideas to Help You Save and One “Must Have”

Many couples would love a lavish, traditional wedding but don’t want the big price tag ….. nor do they want a cheap wedding! Here are some ideas for reducing the costs of your wedding.

1.  Set a Budget

One sure way to go over budget is not to set one in the first place.  Sit down with your partner and work out what you can afford or want to spend.  Take into account any money you might receive toward the wedding costs from your families.  Remember to factor in the statutory costs of the wedding and the actual ceremony itself.  In Scotland, the cost of a wedding in a Registry Office is at least £125 (at the time of writing).  Plan your wedding according to the budget and review it regularly.

2. DIY

Doing it Yourself can save you money but remember the cost is your time.  You also have to consider your skills, what tools and equipment you might need and whether or not you like doing the activity.  If you have artisitc flair and love crafts, you will probably produce stunning wedding stationery and favours.

With the digital age comes easy access to tools to produce your own stationery.  Even those who never got past stick men in Art (like me) can create something professional.  There are some cheap wedding ideas for invitations in this article if you are looking for inspiration.  Favours can also be easily made following a visit to the haberdashery for some lace and ribbon and the sweet shop.

You might decide to have your reception in someone’s house or hire a hall and do your own catering.  Making and serving all the food will be too much of a challenge for most brides (and not very relaxing!)  But buying and serving your own drinks should be easy enough.  Whilst you can get “up market” disposable crockery and cutlery, I would cheap wedding ideas cakerecommend buying or renting real ones – look out for bargain basement special offers or go to Ikea.  Buying your own means you can keep them for future parties!

Why not take some time to learn?  For example, take an evening course in cake decorating and make your own cake.  The teacher can help you with the tricky bits and provide some extra free input!

Look at what you CAN do but bear in mind the cost to your time.

3.  Phone a Friend

If you can’t do it yourself, perhaps a friend or relative can help.  Be careful not to ask too much of your friends and remember they are volunteering their time to help.  So don’t be too demanding or assume anything!

To help you make your favours or put together your stationery, why not have a girls night in with a few bottles of wine?

cheap wedding ideas carIf you need transport, ask someone who has a nice car instead of hiring an expensive limousine.

We had a friend sing at our wedding.

If you know someone who provides some of the things you need professionally, why not ask them if they would be willing to  help you at cost or free instead of a wedding present.

Borrow when you can – you are supposed to wear something borrowed, so you won’t need to buy a new tiara if your cousin can lend you one!

Discuss your plans with your closest friends and relatives and see how they can help you.

4.  Don’t get Sucked In

It is very easy for costs to fly away and spiral upwards.  There are many add-ons that look so appealing – balloons, photo booths, sweet trollies, pipers, table magicians and the list goes on.  Sticking to your budget will certainly help, but sometimes you think “It’s only another £100″.  Before you know it, £100 has turned into £1,000.

Be disciplined when you see these add-ons.  The sales person can be very convincing as they plant a lovely picture in your head.  Don’t sign up until you have thought about whether or not it really will enhance your big day and is it necessary.
If you are having a church wedding or being married in a castle -  yes – have the piper.  But it won’t always be appropriate or the best use of funds.

Do you need table decorations?  Often the ones provided free by the hotel will suffice.

Entertaining your guests with a string quartet is beautifully romantic, but will a CD create the same mood?

Think before you buy the extras, even if they seem inexpensive, it all adds up.

5.  Don’t skimp on

cheap wedding ideas photographerI recommend you don’t go for cheap wedding photography.   Hire a professional – they can be expensive but worth it.  I have heard so many regrets from couples who do not have any decent wedding photos to look back on.  It’s not just YOU in the photos, but a snapshot of your family and friends. Besides, won’t your children want to see them one day?

It might be tempting to ask your uncle to take some pictures but unless he knows what he is doing, you will probablly be disappointed with the results.  A professional sets the scenes and captures the moments, making best use of light and settings.

To save money, your photographer might be willing to provide you with the photos on disk without the wedding album.  You can use a service like Photobox to produce your own photobook.

Make best use of your photographer by writing down a list of the shots you want.  We forgot to get one of my husband with just his two brothers.  Doh! Try to get a picture of all your guests and keep a record of all their names on the back when you get the print back. Ours is framed in our hall and is a talking point when we have people over.

Shop around and find a professional wedding photographer.

I hope you have found my top tips for reducing wedding costs helpful.  I have kept it generic because everyone’s wedding is different. Please let me know if you have any tips of your own.


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