How to survive a Wedding Show

10 Rules to Get the Most From a Wedding Show

wedding showsAttending a wedding show is a great way to get ideas and find these all important photographers, favours, stationers, venues, dresses, kilts, flowers, cars entertainers, cakes, celebrants, shoes, jewellery etc.  You will even find solicitors to help you buy your marital home!  There are so many suppliers under the one roof it is easy to become overwhelmed.  But follow a few simple rules and they can be an efficient, stress-free way to help plan your wedding.  In fact, if you find the right products, you could have 80% of your wedding planned without having to leave the comfort of your armchair again. Continue reading

Cheap Wedding Ideas

4 Ideas to Help You Save and One “Must Have”

Many couples would love a lavish, traditional wedding but don’t want the big price tag ….. nor do they want a cheap wedding! Here are some ideas for reducing the costs of your wedding. Continue reading

Wedding Invitation Ideas

8 Unusual Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitations can set the tone for your wedding.  More and more brides want to  make an impact with something a little different and unusual.  Something that fits the personality of the couple, fits in with a theme or compliments the wedding.  With so many companies now offering quick services on printing, the scope of what you can do has got even bigger. Continue reading

Unique Wedding Gifts and Lists

Unique wedding giftsHow do you manage unique wedding gifts that you want or need whilst avoiding offending anyone?

Weddings are fraught with traps for you to fall down!  You are always stuck between what you want and what others want, never wanting to offend anyone.  When it comes to wedding gifts, this is no exception. Continue reading

Summer Wedding Flowers

summer wedding flowers bouquet

It’s the 21st of June, officially the first day of Summer! You have a myriad of choice for your Summer wedding bouquet. Choose just about any colour, shape or personality. Will it be vibrant, bright colours or pastel shades? Pinks and purples or yellows and blues? Simple, hand tied or elaborate glamour? Continue reading

A Small Wedding

What happens if you want a small wedding but have a big family and lots of friends?  Maybe you HATE being the centre of attention or just want something more intimate.

The pressure is on to have a big wedding, with invitations to distant Aunts, cousins you never see and your Mum’s best friend from Primary School. How do you keep yourself and everyone else happy? Continue reading

3 Top Tips for the Wedding Speech

Having to give a wedding speech often results in panic, sleepless nights and cold sweats.the wedding speech

It all sounded great when you popped the question / found out your daughter was getting married / agreed to be Best Man.  But then you thought about it and realised there was going to be a speech!  Yikes!

Luckily, help is at hand and often in the unlikeliest of places.  As an accomplished public speaker, my 3 top tips are: Continue reading